Openadmin Hackthebox-WriteUp

Introduction Another day, another write-up. Happy to see you here again. Today, we’re going to do another box of hackthebox which is named OpenAdmin. Without further ado, let’s hack! Write-Up This box was a lot of fun to me. It took me quite a while, not because it was so hard but, because of the […]

Granny Hackthebox-WriteUp

Introduction Christmas is time for the family. Therefore, today we’re doing Granny and Grandpa, both from hackthebox. This is a pretty easy box – except for when you get stuck in a rabbit-hole for hours. Let’s pretend no one does that … Write-Up As always, only take a peek, if you really have to 😉 […]

Grandpa Hackthebox-WriteUp

Introduction After we hacked poor old Granny already, now it’s time for Grandpa from hackthebox as well. Write-Up This box is very similar to Granny. The main difference is, that the we do not have write-access to WebDAV. Luckily, there is a vulnerability in IIS 6, which we could’ve used for Granny as well. In […]

Heist – Hackthebox Write-Up

Introduction Alright my people, time for another write-up. Today we’re doing Heist from hackthebox. And probably OpenAdmin as well. I did like this box a lot because it felt really realistic involving multiple password-spraying attempts and the need to connect the dots between running processes and the actual functionality that is provided by the hosted […]

Lame – Hackthebox Write-up

Introduction Hello World! This is my first write-up ever. Even though there are about a trillion write-ups about this box out there, I thought it might be a flavour win to start with the box that hackthebox started with as well. During my hacker-journey, I read quite a lot of write-ups. I found that most […]